Weekend Wrap Up

June 3 & 4

I thought we would go to the Vancouver Aquarium this weekend but that didn’t end up happening.

Friday night, we spent hours pulling tubes (basically weird light bulbs) out of my husband’s Mesa Boogie Road King trying to find out which ones were burned out. It’s hard to tell as they have a mercury type top to them and it’s difficult (especially in bad lighting) to see which ones are blacked out. He decided that he would replace all of them, so went out Saturday afternoon and bought new tubes and replaced them all.  I spent this time watching movies. I watched Neon Demon, which was really weird and I didn’t like it. Inferno, the third installment of the Robert Langston books by Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons…) and Bad Moms, which as just o-kay. We then went on the hunt for gelato and since it was 8pm by this point, there wasn’t a lot in the area still open and we weren’t willing to go downtown to La Casa (we should have though). We headed into Fort Langley to go to Maria’s Gelato but when we got there it was really weird.  They had changed it into a strange hipster type joint and while we saw people coming out with gelato, we didn’t see any displays. I decided it was too strange now and we left. Don’t fret though! We DID get ice cream. We went to Marble Slab Creamery, Matt had a banana split with mango,  orange and amaretto ice cream and pineapple, strawberry and gummy bear toppings. A little strange but he said it was tasty. I had Swiss chocolate ice cream with Skor bits and gummy bears in a skor chocolate dipped waffle cone bowl.   SO TASTY. I would get that again in a heart beat.

Sunday was laundry, cleaning and Costco. Costco was surprisingly not busy, probably because it was gorgeous outside and people had better things to do than grocery shop! We bought pre-marinated pork ribs and I cannot wait to BBQ them up tomorrow with some SPG baby potatoes and a Caesar salad!

We ended the weekend by going to The Keg with our friends Lisa and Ryan. We went early to avoid what is usually a crowd but it never did get busy! I had an 8oz sirloin Oscar (béarnaise, shrimp and scallops) with roasted peppers, green beans and asparagus and crème brûlée to finish it off! So fricking good, I could have licked my plates! Matt had a 12oz New York strip loin, twice baked potato, green beans and asparagus and a Caesar salad,  cheesecake with caramel and fudge drizzle to finish. Lisa had prime rib, Caesar salad, baked potato and some mixed veg, mini brownie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I also convinced her to have a watermelon mojito and it was tasty! She didn’t like all the mint though. I think Ryan had a rib eye, but to be honest I’m not quite sure, I only remember Lisa’s because she ALWAYS has the prime rib! Luckily, our meal was only $36 plus tip because I had some gift cards left over from Christmas!

Casey, Lee… we missed your faces. 😦

Oh! Another fun thing, Sophie cuddled with Matt on the couch for the first time in years. Ever since we got Fenix, and Fenix claimed Matt as hers, Sophie hasn’t had a chance to  snuggle without a jealous kitty sister having  tantrum. Matt was thrilled.

So that was our weekend! I hope to go see Wonder Woman soon, I’ve been hearing very good reviews!!

xx Jenna

Shit My Husband Says

Bunny Edition

This popped up on my Facebook memories from last year, so I thought I would share it here for your enjoyment.

After having some sort of discussion about rabbits (or this was randomly brought up, I  can’t remember – yes, that is a possibility)

M: *sighs* They have hard lives,  man

J: Who? Bunnies?

M: Yeah. Wild bunnies have tough lives. Everything is a predator. All they want to do is have a yummy carrot and the farmer is putting up fences and trying to shoot them. All they want is a delicious carrot. 😦


xx Jenna


Life-Inside Out

Only Thursday!?

Happy first of June!! It’s a BIG month for birthdays in my family. My momma, brother in law, nephew and husband! All within a week and a half! Not to mention Father’s Day!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I skipped out of work on Monday, it was just so gorgeous I couldn’t stand sitting in a cubicle all day staring out the window.  Turns out, it was a smart plan! The rest of the week has been raining and cool. The sun is shining right this very second though, I should take a picture!

I’m normally a pretty happy, positive person but I’m telling you… today was A DAY. It’s amazing how one person can just ruin your day by being a “see you next tuesday” (I hate, hate that word fyi) and my favourite part is my boss lets her get away with  it!! Thank goodness she’s on vacation tomorrow and all next week or I just don’t know. I just don’t.

So I had plans to come home and relax with some of the very beautiful candles I got from Flickering Fandoms (book and TV/movie tie in candles). Sadly, Leia’s Buns(cinnamon buns scent) was melted so bad that it reformed upside down and OTP- One True Pear-ing (juicy pear)was smashed to smithereens. Thankfully Jess, the owner, is AMAZING and will be sending out replacements on Monday. Hooray! My other two Lorelai’s Coffee (coffee, vanilla, cream liquor) and Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust (green apple, peach, dew rose, water lily, cedar, sandalwood, musk) are fine and amazing and I can’t wait to burn them. Go check out my Instagram for photos.

I clipped Sophie’s claws yesterday, she acted like I was murdering her which made for an awesome experience. Fenix is fine with her pawdicures… I dunno what’s wrong with Sophie. She cray-cray. I’ve tried wrapping her in a blanket and she always gets a treat after. Anyone have any tips on lessening her stress level?

TGIF tomorrow and I’m pretty certain we’re having sushi for our work lunch. We do it every Friday and tend to swap between Danny’s Wun Tun (bbq pork, wun tun & noodle in soup) and GoGo Sushi (salmon roll add cream cheese, California roll/sunshine roll).  Matt refuses to eat any sort of seafood, so I usually only get sushi on Friday lunches.

Let’s end the week on a high note!

xx Jenna


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Weekend Wrap Up

May 27 & 28

It was HOT this weekend. No joke.  As I am typing this it’s currently 29°C.  Mother Nature, you do realize it’s still MAY right??

We didn’t do a lot this weekend, it was rather lazy.  Understandably, Matt didn’t want to go out and do some outdoor activities this weekend, despite the beautiful weather.  He does spend all day, every day in it for work (he works for an excavation company doing land prep). I wish we could have as I spend all day cooped up inside a cubicle farm behind a screen. But I do get his hesitation. The cats have been loving it. What is it with animals just lounging in the hot, hot sun? How do they not die of heat stroke?!

I sold our patio furniture to friends of ours,  it was outdoor__Loungingnice but not exactly what I require in my outdoor décor. This is more what I want, but with white cushions. I like that the sides and back are high, solid and angled out, making it perfect for lounging and reading on the patio. It’s also sectional, so I can make the pieces into a loveseat, couch or individual seating should I require it. It’s Ikea (I love Ikea) so it’s fairly inexpensive and will last for the length of time it will take me to want something new! Find Ikea’s outdoor lounge furniture HERE.

I’ve been craving fajitas for forever. So Saturday night we made chicken fajitas, nothing special… just an El Paso fajita kit! It was enough to tide over the craving… for now. I’d LOVE to  get out to a really good Mexican restaurant and have a good Mexican  feast. Recommendations in the lower mainland of BC are welcome! Matt washed down the fajitas with rum and cherry coke, not exactly festive but he said it was tasty!

I’ve been re-reading the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley, something about the warm summer weather and sunshine makes me pull out the smutty romance books. If those are something you’re into I recommend this series, the Eternal Guardian series by Elisabeth Naughton or the Checkmate series by Kennedy Fox. Romance novels are a little guilty pleasure of mine, they are not at all what I spend the majority of my time reading. I’m an avid reader and have been since I was young.

What better thing to cool down hot weather and a hot book than ice cold tea? Besides being an avid reader,  I’m also a major tea lover. Hot or iced, it doesn’t matter! I absolutely LOVE my tea press from David’s Tea. I have two so far. On repeat this summer will be Magic Dragon (shown in the photo) and Rainbow Sherbet. I got Rosé All Day free with my steeper points but I have yet to try it. It smells insanely like wine (obviously, I know) but I wasn’t expecting it so I’ve been reluctant to take the plunge.

Next weekend we spoke about going to the Vancouver Aquarium (yay! OTTERS!) and using up The Keg gift certificates from Christmas with some friends. I think I’m going to try and get Matt out to Golden Ears Provincial Park too (wish me luck), keep an eye on my Instagram and follow along!

xx Jenna


House & Home · The Grrl Shops

Summer is Coming to the Coast!

After what has felt like a very long winter, we are finally feeling some heat and seeing more than just a glimmer of sunshine!

For me, this means I get the itch to start changing things around the home. Paint, furniture, plants, décor… you name it, I want to update it! Our home is mainly dark woods and greys but I want to freshen it up! Bring on… PINTEREST! Who doesn’t love sitting in front of the computer with a glass of rosé and going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest? (well my husband doesn’t like it & he certainly doesn’t like it when I do it!)

But let’s be honest here for a second, all those lovely pins you are saving and dreaming of… they are expensive to recreate. We all know the likelihood of redecorating your home just isn’t going to happen. It’s just a fact. So? How to update your home and stay in budget?

Throw pillows (preferably the ones you can just buy new covers for each season!). Possibly something new for the deck/patio. Small things can make a big difference. Plus, they just make you feel good!

Flamingos & pineapples are SUPER popular this year, in case you haven’t noticed. I absolutely loved the lawn chair from Winners, but at $60 a pop and I would need at least two… I can think of better things to purchase. The pineapple outdoor pillow from Michaels had a 40% off coupon available when I saw it… I should have grabbed one!Flamingo Pineapples

Bedding is also another good way to go. It’s not always cheap, depending on what you look for but new bed linens always, always make me happy. Choosing a site like Wayfair gives you lots of options at many price points! These three sets were under $150 and are so light and fresh looking!

Summer bedding

xx Jenna