Life-Inside Out

Only Thursday!?

Happy first of June!! It’s a BIG month for birthdays in my family. My momma, brother in law, nephew and husband! All within a week and a half! Not to mention Father’s Day!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I skipped out of work on Monday, it was just so gorgeous I couldn’t stand sitting in a cubicle all day staring out the window.  Turns out, it was a smart plan! The rest of the week has been raining and cool. The sun is shining right this very second though, I should take a picture!

I’m normally a pretty happy, positive person but I’m telling you… today was A DAY. It’s amazing how one person can just ruin your day by being a “see you next tuesday” (I hate, hate that word fyi) and my favourite part is my boss lets her get away with  it!! Thank goodness she’s on vacation tomorrow and all next week or I just don’t know. I just don’t.

So I had plans to come home and relax with some of the very beautiful candles I got from Flickering Fandoms (book and TV/movie tie in candles). Sadly, Leia’s Buns(cinnamon buns scent) was melted so bad that it reformed upside down and OTP- One True Pear-ing (juicy pear)was smashed to smithereens. Thankfully Jess, the owner, is AMAZING and will be sending out replacements on Monday. Hooray! My other two Lorelai’s Coffee (coffee, vanilla, cream liquor) and Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust (green apple, peach, dew rose, water lily, cedar, sandalwood, musk) are fine and amazing and I can’t wait to burn them. Go check out my Instagram for photos.

I clipped Sophie’s claws yesterday, she acted like I was murdering her which made for an awesome experience. Fenix is fine with her pawdicures… I dunno what’s wrong with Sophie. She cray-cray. I’ve tried wrapping her in a blanket and she always gets a treat after. Anyone have any tips on lessening her stress level?

TGIF tomorrow and I’m pretty certain we’re having sushi for our work lunch. We do it every Friday and tend to swap between Danny’s Wun Tun (bbq pork, wun tun & noodle in soup) and GoGo Sushi (salmon roll add cream cheese, California roll/sunshine roll).  Matt refuses to eat any sort of seafood, so I usually only get sushi on Friday lunches.

Let’s end the week on a high note!

xx Jenna


Photo Credit: Pinterest




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