Weekend Wrap Up

May 27 & 28

It was HOT this weekend. No joke.  As I am typing this it’s currently 29°C.  Mother Nature, you do realize it’s still MAY right??

We didn’t do a lot this weekend, it was rather lazy.  Understandably, Matt didn’t want to go out and do some outdoor activities this weekend, despite the beautiful weather.  He does spend all day, every day in it for work (he works for an excavation company doing land prep). I wish we could have as I spend all day cooped up inside a cubicle farm behind a screen. But I do get his hesitation. The cats have been loving it. What is it with animals just lounging in the hot, hot sun? How do they not die of heat stroke?!

I sold our patio furniture to friends of ours,  it was outdoor__Loungingnice but not exactly what I require in my outdoor décor. This is more what I want, but with white cushions. I like that the sides and back are high, solid and angled out, making it perfect for lounging and reading on the patio. It’s also sectional, so I can make the pieces into a loveseat, couch or individual seating should I require it. It’s Ikea (I love Ikea) so it’s fairly inexpensive and will last for the length of time it will take me to want something new! Find Ikea’s outdoor lounge furniture HERE.

I’ve been craving fajitas for forever. So Saturday night we made chicken fajitas, nothing special… just an El Paso fajita kit! It was enough to tide over the craving… for now. I’d LOVE to  get out to a really good Mexican restaurant and have a good Mexican  feast. Recommendations in the lower mainland of BC are welcome! Matt washed down the fajitas with rum and cherry coke, not exactly festive but he said it was tasty!

I’ve been re-reading the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley, something about the warm summer weather and sunshine makes me pull out the smutty romance books. If those are something you’re into I recommend this series, the Eternal Guardian series by Elisabeth Naughton or the Checkmate series by Kennedy Fox. Romance novels are a little guilty pleasure of mine, they are not at all what I spend the majority of my time reading. I’m an avid reader and have been since I was young.

What better thing to cool down hot weather and a hot book than ice cold tea? Besides being an avid reader,  I’m also a major tea lover. Hot or iced, it doesn’t matter! I absolutely LOVE my tea press from David’s Tea. I have two so far. On repeat this summer will be Magic Dragon (shown in the photo) and Rainbow Sherbet. I got Rosé All Day free with my steeper points but I have yet to try it. It smells insanely like wine (obviously, I know) but I wasn’t expecting it so I’ve been reluctant to take the plunge.

Next weekend we spoke about going to the Vancouver Aquarium (yay! OTTERS!) and using up The Keg gift certificates from Christmas with some friends. I think I’m going to try and get Matt out to Golden Ears Provincial Park too (wish me luck), keep an eye on my Instagram and follow along!

xx Jenna



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