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It’s been a hot minute!

Hey All!

So I’ve been thinking of combining my personal blog (this one) and my book blog. So you might be seeing some old posts start to pop up,  mainly book reviews. I think this will help me actually stay on top of my blog instead of failing at both. You know what I mean??

Anyways, don’t be alarmed if things are a little strange over the next little while!

xx Jenna

Shit My Husband Says

It’s Five o’clock Somewhere Edition

We got a Ninja blender the week this gem was doled out… and the dollar store had CHEAP (obvs) Pina Colada mix.

M (in the man den): What are you doing?

J (in the kitchen): making a fried egg sandwich

M: oh, I thought you were making pina coladas. 😦

J: It’s ten o’clock in the morning! 😐

M: So? We’re adults. We can drink  at ten o’clock in the morning.

J: No.

*Now, this clearly makes me wonder what about frying an egg sounded like blending up a pina colada. Does this say something about my cooking or his hearing??*

xx Jenna


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Monogram Items

Hey all!

So I’ve ordered this cute little “vegan” leather passport holder (middle rose colour) from Amarin Collection on Etsy (she’s CANADIAN!) and had it monogrammed.  Lucky for me, when I got married my monogram stayed the same so I can use anything I had previously.

Monograms actually have rules.  For real! Traditional monograms go first, last, middle with the middle (last name) larger than the other two. You can also just go first-middle-last if you are doing it in a straight line, will all the same sized lettering, like I did for the passport cover. IF you are doing you and your significant other, you would put the woman’s initial first, then the last name initial, then the husbands initial! See more monogram etiquette here.

I plan on getting sandstone coasters to go into my car when I get it next year. Sandstone helps to soak up condensation from sweating cups. I’m thinking of getting them monogrammed with both mine and my hubby’s initials. Still dithering about that though.

Do you have any monogrammed items?  What are you thoughts on personalizing things?

Don’t forget to go check out Amarin’s etsy, she has a cute flamingo passport cover and matching bits and bobs bag!


xx Jenna

Everything Else

August = Food for Charity Month

Hey All!

Don’t take this as a rant because it’s not. I believe in supporting causes in any way we can, BUT… what is up with August?!?

August 9th (in BC at least) is Pirate Pak Day at White Spot to support Zajac Ranch. This is where you get to feel like a kid again and get your very own Pirate Pak, yes in the boat and with the chocolate coin!  Sadly we missed this, probably best too because the restaurant near us can be a three hour wait!!

August 10 (July 27 in the USA) is Miracle Treat Day at Canadian Dairy Queen’s in support of local Children’s Hospitals. Net proceeds from every Blizzard® sold go to help the sick kids in your area! A great cause and a yummy cold treat, sounds like a win win to me.

August 24 is Burgers to Beat MS Day at A&W, which I also try and support as my Auntie has multiple sclerosis. Two dollars from every Teen Burger sold will be donated! If you don’t have an A&W near you, click the link and share the video and A&W will donate $2 (up to $40,000) for every video share!

That’s a lot of food charity in one month! Why can’t they spread it out a little? One would think that by doing so, they might get more people attending their events? My hubby and I go and support Ronald McDonald House every year and buy a Big Mac (McHappy Day is May 3) as I used to work for McDonald’s so it was always a good time for me and I love how the community gets involved. Radio personalities, fire fighters, police… they all do their parts and hang out serving in the drive-thru or letting the kids climb around in trucks and cars!

What are some charity events you support?


xx Jenna

Shit My Husband Says

Duck Edition

We drove by a mother duck and five or so ducklings today on our way home from Costco…

M: I’d like to eat them.

J: WHAT!?  Why!?

M: No, no. Not the babies,  just the mother duck

J: But what about the babies? They would die.

M: I would take them home.  They could live in the bathtub.

J: What about the cats?

M:  We have a door.

J: Why don’t we get a phantom screen so we can keep the cats out but still see the ducks? Also, what would you feed them?

M: Good idea! You know duck food….


xx Jenna